Outdoor furniture more care is needed in order to last longer

outdoor furniture

Hang-out outside the room, as cafés, restaurants and lounges, and even some home design now provide open space for a family barbecue. Other than the nuances will hang out in the room: view and a more natural atmosphere will you feel there. But what about the care of outdoor furniture. Automatically furniture, furniture will also be placed outside the room, which of course affected by sunburn.

Outdoor furniture more care is needed in order to last longer

The following are tips for caring for outdoor furniture is always preserved:

  1. Clean Furniture. First of all, make sure your outdoor furniture is clean. If you have just bought new furniture, wipe clean with a sponge / damp cloth to remove dust attached. But if your furniture you just remove it after some time stored in the warehouse, then wipe clean using water-detergent ratio of 1:2. It is already common practice for all types of furniture, such as teak wood, wrought iron or aluminum. Apply evenly in all parts of the furniture including cracks. After that let it dry.
  2. Protect the furniture frame. Furthermore, you can make steps to protect the chassis. If you have furniture made from teak wood, you can buy special protective solution for teak-many in the stores, building material to protect from the weather. Furniture from wood, are generally quite resilient to the weather, so further steps may not need to do. To protect the original color of teak wood, you can apply teak oil once every 3 months to your furniture. Because if not, you’re true colors can fade into gray. If your furniture is made of other wood material, you should protect it with varnish. As for metal materials, you can use products made from wax to protect it.
  3. Protect Coatings / dressings. After you finish protects the frame, then make sure you protect the furniture upholstery. Pads for outdoor color fade faster because the sun sting.
  4. Cover Anti-Air. Lastly, consider investing furniture waterproof cover. These devices are usually sold separately from the purchase of your furniture or you can buy it in large sizes, which is enough to cover the entire zone that your outdoor furniture. Cover furniture will be very useful to protect your furniture in the living room open space, either from rain or sun. Do not forget to pay attention to ventilation so that your furniture is not moldy.
  5. Storage place. If you want to save your outdoor furniture, make sure the storage location (warehouse) will not leak when it rains much less humid. So it can keep your furniture to last.


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