Modern furniture should be adapted to the character of your home

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Modern style house is growing rapidly, supported by modern lifestyles. This modern lifestyle impact, among others, the processing style of residential architecture. So that when applied to residential architecture in particular is home mean more or less with the latest styles or newer. Characteristic of this style of building is the clarity and honesty of design, particularly on the use of building materials such as the use of rock exposure or finishing without a painted wall plus modern furniture. Modern architecture still can be subdivided into several flow design styles, such as natural modern, modern, minimalist, modern chic and others. Each has a specific design rules. However, the discussion this time, we limit the discussion only on the minimalist modern architecture alone.

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Minimalist design is the flow of modern design style that is very functional and no room on the form of ornamentation or decoration at all, with reference to the principle less is more and form follow function. Even the shape of the building and remodeling plan is very minimalist and simple. And what about the interior and furniture that make up the atmosphere of the interior? Of course, should be adjusted to the minimalist style of the building. It would be very uncomfortable to look at, when the two are not aligned. Modern minimalist style house would have to be supported by modern furniture and interior as well. Interior and furniture minimalist means also refers to the principle less is more and form follow function. Here are some examples of interior design and furniture which adopts a minimalist modern design. You can surely see that there are principles for building ambience is modern minimalist.

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For minimalist sleeping space, you can choose geometric shapes are simple, not too much arch or curve. Select bed or headboard bed with a simple, or if you want a little decoration to give tone to the room, choose a headboard that has geometric decorations that are not too complicated. For a side table and wardrobe, you can also choose geometric modern furniture to compliment the bed. For reading lights or side lights, you can use a lamp with standard forms that are circulating in the market. Choose a simple shape. Modern minimalist design style can also be applied in the bathroom.Washtafel rectangular or square shaped, is very representative of this design style. To complete it, you only need to provide a mirror which is also rectangular or rectangular-shaped. If you wish, you can also put a few pieces of small cabinet or closet for storing towels or other toiletries. The dining room does not mean minimalist dining room furniture, furniture flat with the monotony. You can put the furniture of diverse but should still have a common thread with each other. Add the simple decorations here and there, such as vases and wall paintings.

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Choose a chandelier with lights that have a warm light that is appropriate to add the mood when the meal is in progress. Do not forget to add a carpet or rug beneath the dining area. Choose the carpet too simple, not too many colors. If you want a variation, perhaps you could consider carpets with texture games but remain in the same color. Choose also a closet or cabinet is simple, pay attention to handle it, and because it usually makes no simple closet or cabinet is handle it anymore. Living room or family room is usually the center of a house. Usually in this living room, family gathers to mingle either before or after doing daily activities. So the atmosphere is needed here is a relaxed, informal and even playful inclined. Which became a focal point in the living room is usually the sofa. Choose modern furniture like a sofa which is also simple, it would be better if you choose a bright color so formed will be more playful mood, but of course this depends on individual taste. However, to maintain the style of minimalist design, which surely you must choose a sofa that is simple, lightweight, design, even, may be made of materials that are also lightweight.

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Customize your design style is also in the cabinet, bookshelves, TV rack, side table, coffee tables and other modern furniture. It would be better if you implement the system within the open plan family room, because in this way, you will be more flexible arrange the interior according to your mood and your tastes. If you want a variation in the living room, in a sense, so the atmosphere is not too monotonous because it is dominated by goods parsimonious geometric decoration, you can play around with the room decor, such as a pillowcase, a vase or a lamp. But you also still have to keep the decorations are not too dominating your living room.


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