Kids furniture for the bedroom

kids furniture #1

The Bedroom is a unity in the House, and one of the very personal spaces in the house, so only a few people who can enter and enjoy the layout and color of the room. However, the need for children Bedroom require special attention where we as parents should be able to provide comprehensive facilities to support the growth of our children how to organize the bedroom that appeals to children as well as spatial and kids furniture in need in the room. The first thing to consider when preparing a child’s bed is the comfort factor. At present, the more intense the bed with various products of varied design options. There was a bed with a funny cartoon accent to form fruit, toy cars and carriage.

Variety is indeed tempting eye design. But adjust the design of the bed with sleeping child’s character and habits. If you have a narrow space or land that it helps you determine the pattern and the concept of kids furniture that support for you Apply in the room. So the impression multifunctional in a child’s bedroom can be achieved, the concept can be supported with customized furniture and color selection in accordance with the favorite or the character of our children. Examples of this concept are that the designated bedroom for 2 children, use of Beds compound could be alternative options to customize the limitations of the land. Combined with a small closet lined up under the bed to minimize the area zonk, coupled with the placement of cabinets lined with bunk beds confirms the impression of simple multifunctional in that space.

kids furniture #2

Learning Needs Table in kids furniture in the room is one of the primary needs that must be present. For a small space furniture was instrumental customized applications that can be well ordered space, a desk study combined with a simple two tiered shelf underneath Shap be an ideal fit with the occupant. Applications rack hanging above a desk in addition to the bookshelves also serves to confirm the impression of a minimalist in the space. With limited space, the use of large glass mirror on the wall will create the impression of a reflection of the space. Applications Sunblast motif on the glass gives a modern impression.

kids furniture #3

Lighting by using light DownLigth just above the glass will give the impression of relief, this is because the light can be radiated to the maximum supported by the reflection from the glass mirror. Combined with the carpet with pattern matching colors with the wall will warm the atmosphere for the residents… Beautiful impression can also appear by placing small flower pots on top of cabinets, ethnic element can be raised with a unique wall clock and motifs combined with a matching valance will strengthen the accent. Color selection is also important to support harmony with kids furniture in the room,



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