Dining room furniture to be aware of if it is located in the backyard or side of house

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The dining room is usually located in the house, usually combined with the kitchen. But there are some houses that actually want the dining room in the back or side of the house. Imagine if you’re eating out accompanied by birds singing, and lots of flowers around it that makes us feel comfortable and really enjoy the food that was served. Perhaps that is one reason homeowners who have a dining room in open areas, because they very love atmosphere. But some are using the open area as a dining room because it has no more land to be used as the dining room. So the choice if not unified with the kitchen, forced to build on land outside the room. When using land outside the dining room, which must be considered is the dining room furniture. Basically put the dining room in the building adjacent to the kitchen can be more easily set up and clearing the dinner table. In the dining room, there is usually a place of storage, refrigerators, or dispenser.

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All the furniture is a complement to the dining room. But if you really want a dining room located in the backyard or the side of the house, then you should consider whether all dining room furniture should be available there. Because given the conditions outside made furniture and electronic equipment, more prone to damage due to possible exposure to heat and rain splashed. In addition to considering complementary furniture, you should also consider the adjustment between the porch area with the size, material and design of the dining table in order to blend in harmony with the surrounding atmosphere. The selection is very diverse shape of the table, some round, oval, square, or rectangular. If you want a design that is not too fancy or expensive, dining table made from wood, rattan, or wrought iron furniture can be used as a simple but classic kitchen. For lighting factor alone should not be forgotten. In the tropics may not need to worry because it is definitely light illumination in very brightly lit open area until such time as the sun sets. After the sun sets that must be considered, need to be prepared artificial lighting. Ideally lighting is convenient for feeding activity light just above the dining table. So an additional candle or lamp table will be able to add more romantic atmosphere for dinner.

One more thing to consider is the cleanliness factor. Maintain cleanliness we have to do wherever and whenever. If indeed his dining room in open areas adjacent to the park or surrounding a plant, should be kept absolutely clean, do not get scattered crumbs, crumbs of food or less clean the dining table invites a wide range of animals, such as ants, cockroaches, or rats and flies . Keep at after eating dining room furniture is always clean and sweep the floors. To block the arrival of rats and cockroaches, it’s better if the food is provided before the meal at the start and fix it as soon as possible after the meal was over.
Some things you need to consider if you want to use an open area as dining room are:
• Conduct regular pesticide spraying to reduce mosquitoes and flies. And preferably, the area is far from the trash.
• Use placemats, more hygienic but also minimize stains on the table or tablecloth.
• Ensure that the distance of lighting lamps at least 1 m above the dining table.
• It is better not to install carpet, rug, or similar object under the dinner table, because it will be difficult to clean if contaminated by crumbs of dirt, crumbs or other food. In addition to positions outside the home will be quickly soiled by the dust.
• It is better to prepare a small trolley table to put the cans of crackers, bottled chili sauce or ketchup, extra drinking water container, rice bowl and so on. And after eating, trolleys can be entered.

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