Antique furniture does not have tens or hundreds of years old, but can also result a new reproduction.

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There are several solutions that we can use to be able to create a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere in the house. The most important thing is, we should try to add a set of furniture perfect home. Of course, it will depend on our preferences. In order to find the perfect choice, we must try to find some excellent options. Some of us might prefer some kind of set of antique furniture. This will provide a wide variety of ancient and classic ambience to the home.

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We can choose different types of sets of antique furniture in the store. We can hunt for furniture sets in the collector, or we can also find a replica of the type of furniture. For some of us, furniture made of wood will give us much satisfaction. This provides an excellent atmosphere for the room. There are many types of furniture sets made of wood. It has an excellent performance that will add some sort of a classic atmosphere for your home. Thus we will be able to have the antique and classic atmosphere in the house.

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Antique furniture does not have tens or hundreds of years old, but can also result a new reproduction that follows the style and shape of furniture in an era or indeed new production which retains the authenticity of the design. But for treatment, the same furniture remains shiny after all these years we have if cared for properly. Both should get the proper treatment, here are some tips to keep your teak furniture remains durable:

  • Keep your furniture with a good surface, avoid any scratches, stains and dull the colors, for example by always using a cloth over the surface of a table or chair and sofa were given foam as the base. The cloth can minimize the possibilities that could damage your antique furniture is slowly.
  • Place your antique furniture in a place that has a normal temperature and not humid. Also try furniture that is not exposed to sunlight or other heat source directly, because it can make your furniture looks dull, cracked or warped layer.
  • Clean the sidelines corner carving or furniture or teak furniture by using a small soft brush. At these points of dust and mold often nest. Small brush to sweep the corners is difficult to reach with a rag. Brush with a soft brush until clean.
  • Each treatment should also be made with caution, for example, how to move an antique chair should be removed from the holder, instead of sliding or just held the arm or back support only. Because you never know, if the connection is not as strong as the previous chair.

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